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Pricing at NH Job Board is designed to provide your company maximum value. If you are a small business with minimal job openings each year or a large staffing firm with a constant rotation to fill, we offer an affordable plan to meet your needs. All plans include a company profile page, applicant tracking system, access to our resume database, mobile-friendly experience and much more! Choose the best plan for you below.

1 Job Posting

Ideal for small-medium size business. You may only post job openings sparingly, so a single job post at a time is enough for your company needs.


5 Job Postings

Great for companies experiencing sudden growth, seasonal hiring, or regular turnover. Your company may have a website and social media presence, but having a dedicated employment profile would add value to your online brand.


10 Job Postings

Larger companies often have a job portal to advertise their current openings, but still find a ton of value in posting jobs in batches to broaden their job seeker candidate pool.


5 Job Slots

An affordable monthly option for your company if you maintain regular job openings. Mid-sized businesses with regular openings such as retail, food service, and manufacturing companies are a few example industries.

$99.00 per month

10 Job Slots

For companies who regularly advertise jobs or have high seasonal demand across multiple months. Mid-sized to large companies who require more flexibility with changing out current openings as positions are quickly filled will want to consider this package.

$149.00 per month

Unlimited Jobs

The best option for companies who have extremely demanding hiring needs. You want the most cost-effective job posting experience while still delivering maximum value to your brand. Especially beneficial to companies with a current job feed who are looking to expand the reach of candidates to their hiring pool.

$249.00 per month

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